UNFOLD New Works: HELP YOURSELF by Keziah Warner 

22 August 2019 7:45PM

Old Fitz Theatre 129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo NSW , NSW, Australia.


Thirty-something barista Joni is still figuring things out. Her stepdad, Art, died a year ago and her mum, Kath, is struggling to move on, still setting a place for him at the table. Joni moves interstate to be closer to her mum and gets a job at a café. Her new colleague Alison has just been dumped and won?t stop talking about her ex, Jasmin. Thankfully Joni has the support of caring boyfriend Jon Paul. The only thing is, he?s imaginary and Joni hasn?t quite told anyone yet. He started as a way to reassure her mum that she was fine, but then one day he appeared, full-formed, in her living room and lying about her new relationship became a lot easier. In fact, it started not to feel like lying at all. But now they?re in the same state, pressure from Kath forces Joni to say that she?ll bring him to lunch and Joni has a real problem: she needs a body. In walks Alistair, a cute customer Joni has been flirting with. Help Yourself is a romantic comedy - a tribute to the best of them and a satire of the worst. It?s funny and feminist and unashamedly theatrical; made for stage not screen.